What you should know about me…This is a loaded question and I don’t always posses the proper barometer in how much people really want to know when they ask this question about me. However, I figure that we might as well get acquainted a little with each other. If you have the desire/inkling/passion/smarts to hire me to come to teach/speak/consult/fuck with your paradigm I'd be honored to!


Now back to our program…I am a proud husband, mourning son, stubborn brother, uncle to millennials, Alaskan Grown, Texan transplant, host of Are We Missing The Point? Podcast, queer inclusive, an outlaw theologian, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) minister, third cousin of Johnny Cash, author, speaker, consultant, hater of human trafficking, foul-mouthed (when appropriate), tattoo lover, cigar smoker, and connoisseur of various whiskies…I am the Whiskey Preacher.


Whis – key Preach – er (noun) an unlikely agent of grace, an outlaw theologian, teaches about the Revolution of Love, who unashamedly loves his curvaceous wife, , cusses, smokes, and partakes in various different kinds of whiskey...the good shit.